Co-curricular Activities Department

For the provision of a holistic learning experience at City Institute, we invest in services and provide resources to engage students in a plethora of intellectual and physical activities. We are dedicated to providing students with a diverse selection of learning opportunities outside the lecture hall. City Institute aims to equip students with the necessary tools to develop their ideas and implement them in the future. Our ultimate goal is nurture the talent that rests inside the City Institute student body.

Sports and Athletics

City Institute provides infrastructure and facilities which can serve as assets to those who have an affinity for not only one but many different kinds of sporting activities such as basketball, badminton, table tennis and more. City Institute is constantly developing infrastructure to increase the quality and access of said activities.

Debate and Recitation

Some of the world’s most influential people have begun their journeys behind podiums and that is what City Institute believes exemplifies best the power of discourse. Said discourse about the world’s most challenging issues is essential in fostering an academic environment that encourages students to think critically and hone their intellect. Recitation of poetry and naat is an activity which not only allows for creativity but remains in accordance with Islamic tradition, a key facet of life at City Institute.


What is Drama but life with the boring bits cut out?’’ In recognition of the artistry, expression and passion that drama inspires from those that involve themselves in it, City Institute believes that the Dramatics society is a wonderful opportunity for those looking to embrace the performer within.

Self-Defense Classes

The provision of a safe environment is the primary consideration behind all institutions but City Institute goes one step further. We provide courses in the disciplines of karate and taek-won-do so that students may equip themselves with the training necessary to remain safe.

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