M.A English Literature and Linguistics caters to the needs of its students by having a program with comprehensive and rigorous coursework simultaneously in Literature and Linguistics. The program offers students to learn and develop groundbreaking research based knowledge and skills in both disciplines. The Department of English accommodates for the needs of other departments related to English language, having a close affinity with other departments. The goal of the program is to offer students an environment in which to develop skills in specialized fields of English.

Total Semesters/Years:
2 Years
Tuition Fee: 66,000/- per year
 Admission Fee: 15000
Security Fee: 5000
Lab Fee: N/A
Misc. Fee: 3000


MA English Applied Linguistics - Semester 1

Code Course Cr. Hrs
LNG-551 Introduction to Linguistics 3(3-0)
LNG-552 Study Skills 3(3-0)
LNG-553 Language Skills 3(3-0)
LNG-554 Advance English Grammar I 3(3-0)
LNG-555 Language Learning Theories, Methods & Approaches 3(3-0)
LNG-556 Poetry 3(3-0)

MA English Applied Linguistics - Semester 2

Code Course Cr. Hrs
LNG-557 Translation Studies 3(3-0)
LNG-558 Research Methodology 3(3-0)
LNG-559 History of English Literature 3(3-0)
LNG-560 Sciolinguistics 3(3-0)
LNG-561 Testing and Evaluation 3(3-0)
LNG-562 Drama 3(3-0)

MA English Applied Linguistics - Semester 3

Code Course Cr. Hrs
LNG-651 Material Development & Syllabus design 3(3-0)
LNG-652 Semantics and Pragmatics 3(3-0)
LNG-653 Corpus Linguistics 3(3-0)
LNG-654 Stylistics 3(3-0)
LNG-655 Schools of Linguistics 3(3-0)
LNG-656 Novel 3(3-0)

MA English Applied Linguistics - Semester 4

Code Course Cr. Hrs
LNG-657 Advance English Grammar-II 3(3-0)
LNG-658 Discourse Analysis 3(3-0)
LNG-659 Phonetics and Phonlogy 3(3-0)
LNG-660 Word Englishes 3(3-0)
LNG-661 Computer Assisted Language Learning 3(3-0)
LNG-662 Literary theory 3(3-0)
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