The Masters in Public Health Programs prepares students for work in communities (local and global) promoting public health through analysis, education, and interventions. This 2 year program assists students in gaining the knowledge capital to advocate for healthcare equity and accessibility as well as for child welfare. Programs also teach students about the origins or transmission patterns of disease and how to potentially create wellness programs to eradicate them.

Total Semesters/Years:
8 Semesters
Tuition Fee: 90,000/- per semester
 Admission Fee: 15000
Security Fee: 5000
Lab Fee: 5000/- per semester
Misc. Fee: 3000



Master of Public Health- Semester 1

Code Course Cr. Hrs
MPH-801 Foundation of Public Health 3(3-0)
MPH-803 Basic Epidemiology 3(3-0)
MPH-805 Basic Biostatistics 3(3-0)
MPH-807 Communicable and Non Communicable disease control 3(3-0)
MPH-809 Enviornmental Health and Disaster Management 3(3-0)
MPH-811 Computer applications in Public Health 3(2-1)

Master of Public Health - Semester 2

Code Course Cr. Hrs
MPH-802 Applied Epidemiology and Biostatistics 3(3-0)
MPH-804 Child health and Preventive Pediatrics 3(3-0)
MPH-806 Health system analysis,health policy and planning 3(3-0)
MPH-808 Health management and Information system 3(2-1)
MPH-810 Health education,communication skills and school health services 3(3-0)
MPH-812 Seminars,presentation and field visits(District) 3(2-1)

Master of Public Health- Semester 3

Code Course Cr. Hrs
MPH-813 Nutrition 3(3-0)
MPH-813 Hospital Management & Hospital attachment 3(2-1)
MPH-813 Social & Behavioral sciences in Public Health 3(3-0)
MPH-813 Reproductive Health and MCH 3(3-0)
MPH-813 Research methodology and synopsis writing 3(2-1)
SOC-704 Population & Demography 3(3-0)

Master of Public Health- Semester 4

Code Course Cr. Hrs
MPH-618 Thesis 6(6-0)
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