The global corporate world has seen many Management in Business Administration graduates occupying top positions. Apart from business careers, business graduates can opt for entrepreneurship, work in co-operatives, NGOs and the list goes on. The opportunities existing are limitless due to the multidimensional, multi-tasking abilities and potentials that Business Administration students are armed with. Workshops, seminars and research symposium conducted in association with the business industry and other accountancy institutes help students understand the requirements of industrial and financial sectors.

Total Semesters/Years:
2 Years
Tuition Fee: 66,000/- per year
 Admission Fee: 15000
Security Fee: 5000
Lab Fee: N/A
Misc. Fee: 3000


MBA - Semester 1

Code Course Cr. Hrs
FIN-701 Strategic Finance 3(3-0)
MGT-701 Advnaced Research Methods 3(3-0)
MKT-701 Strategic Marketing 3(3-0)
MGT-703 Strategic HR & Leadership 3(3-0)

MBA - Semester 2

Code Course Cr. Hrs
FIN-702 Financial Reporting and Analysis 3(3-0)
Specialization I 3(3-0)
Specialization II 3(3-0)
Specialization III 3(3-0)

MBA - Semester 3

Code Course Cr. Hrs
Specialization IV 3(3-0)
Thesis Dissertion 0(0-6) OR Two elective courses of specialization of threee credit hours each
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