The target of the M.Com program is to produce well-trained professionals who have a strong work ethic and virtues of joint effort and teamwork. Students are given an environment to develop their full potential, allowing them to effectively contribute in business, government and the public. The program offers strong grounds to students in the subject of Accounting, Finance and Taxation. It prepares students with the knowledge and proficiency in business and commerce to pursue a professional career in that field.

Total Semesters/Years:
2 Years
Tuition Fee: 66,000/- per year
 Admission Fee: 15000
Security Fee: 5000
Lab Fee: N/A
Misc. Fee: 3000


M.COM - Semester 1

Code Course Cr. Hrs
COM-551 Principles of Management 3(3-0)
COM-553 Principles of Marketing 3(3-0)
COM-555 Accounting for Decision making 3(3-0)
COM-557 Research Methods in Business 3(3-0)
COM-559 Taxation: Theory and Practice 3(3-0)
ECO-521 Managerial Economics 3(3-0)

M.COM - Semester 2

Code Course Cr. Hrs
COM-552 Financial Management 3(3-0)
COM-552 Management Accounting 3(3-0)
COM-556 Quantitative Techniques in Business 3(3-0)
COM-558 Human Resource Management 3(3-0)
COM-560 Organizational Behavior 3(3-0)
ECO-562 Corporate Governance 3(3-0)

M.COM - Semester 3

Code Course Cr. Hrs
COM-651 Financial Statement Analysis 3(3-0)
COM-653 Operation & Production Management 3(3-0)
COM-655 Management Information System 3(3-0)
COM-657 Computerized Accounting 3(3-0)
COM- Elective-I 3(3-0)
COM- Elective-2 3(3-0)

M.COM - Semester 4

Code Course Cr. Hrs
COM-652 Entrepreneurship 3(3-0)
COM-654 International Business 3(3-0)
COM-656 Strategic Management 3(3-0)
COM- Elective-3 3(3-0)
COM- Elective-4 3(3-0)
COM-631 Internship Report/Viva Voce 3(3-0)


Accounting(I,II,III,IV,V) will be chosen from given below

Code Course Cr. Hrs
COM-658 Financial Reporting 3(3-0)
COM-659 Government Accouting 3(3-0)
COM-660 Advanced Financial Reporting 3(3-0)
COM-661 Industrial Accouting 3(3-0)
COM-662 Advance Auditing Problems 3(3-0)


Finance(I,II,III,IV,V) will be chosen from given below

Code Course Cr. Hrs
COM-663 Investment and Porfolio Management 3(3-0)
COM-664 Project Management 3(3-0)
COM-665 International Finance 3(3-0)
COM-666 Financial Modeling 3(3-0)
COM-667 Corporate Finance 3(3-0)
Com-668 Islamic Banking and Finance 3(3-0)
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