What we want:

At City Institute, we are convinced that students can and want Philosophy to take up responsibility for their own learning. We invest in physical and digital settings which stimulate active learning, for our students as well as our employees. Our teaching rests upon scientific and well-tried methods with a strong link to research. We strive for education where discussion, critical thought and reflection are promoted. Teaching is developed through regular collegial interaction which is an integrated part of the institute’s quality efforts.


We Create

Settings for learning by providing:

  • Education based on science and experience, stemming from research and reflection on teaching and didactics in higher education
  • Pedagogical services, offering students opportunities to take responsibility for their own learning
  • Programs that foster openness, dialogue and stimulate creativity and critical reflection

City Institute aims to create an environment conducive for student development by providing:

  • Structures for regular collegial interaction and exchange of ideas around educational activities
  • Opportunities for students and teachers to take an active role in the development of teaching and learning


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